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Digital Commons Lab is the first node of the Open data Institute in Italy. This year, we celebrated our collaboration with The ODI in London at the second annual ODI summit.

Paolo Traverso, director of ICT center, Maurizio Napolitano and Francesca De Chiara from the DCL joined the event.


Martedì 25 novembre 2014, alle ore 14.15 (aula 405b), nell’ambito del corso di Teoria della comunicazione si terrà un workshop su “Open Government e piattaforme per l’innovazione democratica“.

Keynote speaker: Francesca De Chiara, ricercatrice a Digital Commons Lab, Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Coordina: Michele Sorice, LUISS


The value of Open Data for European Cohesion: accepted paper at 22nd Internatinal Conference of Europeanists CES Conference 2015

 "The value of open data for European Cohesion", a paper by Francesca De Chiara has been accepted at CES Conference 2015 in Paris. Th article has been approved for further publication. 


Mapping the users of open data in Italy

(originally posted on the Govlab blog by Francesca De Chiara)


The Delegation of the European Union to the United States will host the event "EU Creating New Jobs for the New Economy. The Role of Accelerators and Entrepreneurships Programs" at the Luxembourg House in New York on the 14th of October. The panel will be a lively and informative conversation concerning the use of accelerators and entrepreneurship programs in the European Union and New York City to further civic goals, in addition to purely financial returns.


CULTA - Summer School su #OpenData all'Università di Bologna