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Digital Commons Lab (DCL) is an exploratory project with the aim of studying, supporting, popularizing, and innovating the world of digital commons.

“Commons” is a term used to comprise the goods shared by all the members of a Community. Associating this term with “digital” refers particularly to open technologies whom Internet is the best expression and the Open Source movement one of the biggestdrives.

Software has a key role within our society and it is defined as the essence of the XXI century.

All the evolution we are experiencing is generating more and more initiatives able to create digital common goods.

Open Source (software), Open Content (contents), Open Data (data), Open Access (scientific publications) are the keywords of the idea of digital common goods which form different communities who advocate for and advance the interest in these fields.

If these communities where once niches, now they are well structured realities able to talk with institutions (as for Open Knowledge Foundation on the topic of Open Data), or companies (Canonical, Suse and RedHat being amongst the most known), and projectnow part of the daily life of many people (as Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap) becoming now a foundational part of the digital era.

As all the changes these initiatives come with various challenges which go from the certification of the created products (in particular for crowdsourced projects like OpenStreetMap) and their sustainability, but on the other hand they also generate innovation.

The digital commons lab wants to be a place to analyze the results of what is continuously produced by the communities with the aim of fostering their growth through the popularization of these themes and the analysis of the dynamics in the communities aiming to reduce the distances in the dialog with the public administration, the businesses and citizens.

Outputs of the lab will be best practices, verification tools and popularizing events designed for public institutions, companies and the communities themselves acting as a strong force for innovation not only on the technological side but, first and foremost, with a big social impact.

Digital Commons Lab is also the group of FBK that has the task to represent the node of the Open Data Institute in Trento.